Reference Design: World of Motors Design Board (Z16F28WM100ZRDG)

The World of Motors (WoM) Reference Design Board is a development platform built on Zilog’s series of Mini-Z®stamp modules*. It provides engineers, students, and enthusiasts a simple-to-use platform for developing prototypes and projects related to motor control. The WoM Board is designed to work with Zilog’s series of Mini-Z modules. Additionally, it is compatible with the basic stamp modules available from multiple vendors.
The WoM reference board includes an FTDI USB-to-serial converter for serial communication capability. This reference design includes build options for using the Mini-Z shell or standalone operation. The Mini-Z shell provides a console through which the code is uploaded and executed via command line instructions. The standalone code requires the use of ZDS tools to flash the Mini-Z (overwriting the shell code). The standalone version provides menu-driven commands to control the motors.
The key features of the World of Motors reference design include:
  • Controls the following motors: DC brush motor, Servo motor, Unipolar stepper motor, and Bipolar stepper motor
  • Wirelessly controls motors using Mini-Z ZPAN or Mini-Z WLAN modules
  • Provides console communication


The World of Motors Reference Design Board, and its associated products including Mini-Z modules, can be ordered individually. If you prefer to have everything you need to start working with your Board right out of the box, consider the more comprehensive World of Motors Design Kit (Z16F28WM100KITG).
Get started developing your World of Motors application today! Contact Zilog Customer Service to purchase this World of Motors Design Board.
*Zilog's series of Mini-Z 28-pin modules includes the Mini-Z Z-PAN Module, the Mini-Z ZNEO Module and the Mini-Z WLAN Module.
The World of Motors Design Board

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RD0036 World of Motors Reference Design Reference Design
RD0036-SC01 Source Code for the World of Motors Reference Design Reference Design
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